About US

Dr. Dixit Modi, MD MPH

Dr. Dixit N. Modi, MD is board-certified in family medicine and Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

He received his medical degree from Baroda Medical College at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in Gujarat, India.

He completed his residency with the Selma Family Residency Program, affiliated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in 2009.

Furthermore, Dr. Modi completed his second residency training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, in 2019.

Dr. Modi is awarded a degree in “Master’s in public health” from Western Kentucky University, in 2019.

Dr. Modi has extensive work experience as a family medicine physician, emergency medicine physician as well as occupational and environmental medicine physician. He is practicing medicine for the last 18 years.

Why Us

Our team has a wide range of clinical experience and our team is committed to your care. 

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Our mission is to be a premier patient and client-centered healthcare provider with excellence in quality, service, and accessibility in our community for our patients and occupational health clients.

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A community in which all people & workers achieve and maintain their full potential for health & well-being at their homes as well as at work. We work to be trusted by patients, be a valued partner in the community, and be a creator of positive change.


Primary Care (Board Certified)

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Board Certified)


Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India


Selma Family Residency Program, affiliated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Pennsylvania, Occupational and Environmental Medicine


American Board of Family Medicine

American Board of Preventive Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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Through our integrative approach, we pride ourselves on spending the time necessary to analyze and treat issues that can often be overlooked in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment. We view our patients like family and offer them the highest quality of care in a warm and friendly environment.